July 19, 2024

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Ways to Contribute

There are myriad expenses that are not covered by any insurance plans.  These expenses add up quickly.  We need your help.   OUI Works Living Donors' Assistance program will help you donate in the way that is best for you. 

Please give now online or contact us today, if you would like to help to cover these expenses by volunteering your time or treasures.

Consider becoming a living donor today. You can make a difference by giving the gift of life. There is a severe shortage of kidney donors. Believe it or not, only about 400,000 living donors have donated their kidneys since the first successful living donor transplant in 1959
Those generous individuals who have donated a kidney have allowed thousands of people to live longer, healthier lives, free from the challenging routine of dialysis therapy. According to the National Kidney Register, “donating a kidney not only helps the person who receives the kidney but also shortens the deceased donor wait list, helping another person get a deceased donor kidney sooner. Also, all living donors are awarded list points for their donation so if they ever need a kidney later in life, they will be at or near the top of the deceased donor list, shortening the wait time for a deceased donor kidney.”

Types of Donation

There are three types of living kidney donation:

  • Direct donation
  • Paired exchanges
  • Non-directed donation

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