October 02, 2023

The Resource Guide is essentially a place to discover additional information.  It will prove to be  educational and helpful as you expand your knowledge concerning kidney disease, treatment alternatives and ways that you can help.  This list represents the latest thinking and innovations of some of the best minds within the medical and health care industry. It is not our intent to prioritize or give preference to any site. There are numerous other sites available to the general public.   Please visit our site often as we will update the list in the limited space that is available.  If you find information that you feel would be of value to our subcribers, please use your social network and share it with your network.  


Click to view the following links within our Resource Guide:
1. America Nephrology Nurse's Association
2. American Kidney Fund - Paying for Treatment Related to Kidney Disease
3. ClinicalTrails.gov
4. Donate Life America
5. Georgetown University Hospital Center of Excellence
6. Home Dialysis Central - Types of Home Dialysis
7. IKANKidney's Channel - Educational Videos on YouTube
8. Kidney Health Australia
9. Kidney Research Institute - A collaboration between Northwest Kidney Centers & UW Medicine
10. National Kidney Registry
11.National Living Donor Assistance
12. NIDDK - National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases
13. Northwest Kidney Centers - Kidney Information
14. ouiworks.blogspot.com
15. Renal Support Network - Are you at risk?
16. Safety Net Grants - American Kidney Fund
17. University of California San Francisco Medical Center
18.Living Kidney Donor Line - University of Washington Transplant Services. Phone Number 206-598-3627
19.Treatment options what you can do. IKAN (Increasing Kidney Awareness Network - Educational Video Series on YouTube.
20. What Your Labs Tell You; 
Interpreting Your Lab Results
21. IKAN - Increasing Kidney Awareness Network
22.TEAM HOPE - Training for optimum health
23.Health - New procedure Allows Kidney Transplant From Any Donor
24. Staff Story: Alysun Deckert The Whole U University of Washington
25.CDI - Center for Dialysis Innovation Our vision is that future dialysis therapy will be complication free, and restorative of kidney health.

28.KidneyX:  The Kidney Innovation Accelerator (KidneyX) is a public-private partnership to accelerate innovation in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of kidney diseases.  KidneyX seeks to improve the lives of the 850 million people worldwide currently affected by kidney diseases by accelerating the development of drugs, devices, biologics and other therapies across the spectrum of kidney care including prevention, diagnostics and treatment.
29.Transplant Services at The University of Washington Medical Center - Montlake



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